After the start of our company we came in touch with a lot of foreign customers, these people came to the Netherlands to buy dogs and saw the decoy, or saw the decoy on videos we send them.

These foreign customers were generally to speak about the decoy and what they saw on the video, or what they saw with their own eyes. Also thanks to dog sports & Sporsdogs, they saw my name appear in different editions.

Thanks to this I was asked to give various seminars together with my dad, our first seminar was in Arizona, this became a great succes also because we sold some personal dogs in the region, they also joined the seminar, because of that we could give the demonstrations with dogs we trained ourselves, This dogs clearly liked to see us again and work with us like they were used to.

After our first seminar we were asked to give many more but unfortunately most of the time our schedule was too busy to do this. This schedule involved taking care of the dogs and working with decoy on the club. I wanted to do regularly give seminars but the people on my club where my priority.

Nowadays we have given many seminars in America, and we want to give many more in the future.

We will set up the seminar with a contact in the country where it will be given, this contact will help us by providing the information we need, like the target group and that what is important for that specific target group. That’s how we try to get every target group interested and motivated fort he seminar.

What we also try with these seminars, is to get dogs to show people how what them is told during the seminar goes in real life, and so they can try it for themselves.


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