K-9 Security Dogs recognized specialized security company. We execute security work in residential homes, commercial properties, building sites and such.

Because of the knowledge accumulated for decades, K-9 Security Dog has a great amount of knowledge.
Customers of K-9 Security Dogs are individuals, companies, institutions, big building companies, jewelers, museums, banks, cash and cash carriers and such. In short, starting from a low risk to the very heavy risks in the Netherlands.

Our specialty is security with the usage of dogs, this has proved to be an effective way, to secure your products in the best way, for this type of security we handle different products.

From our knowledge, we recommend our products and we have a full range of measures to help you. A simple purchase a good dog to a security guard with dog.

By our own purchase of dogs, specifically for military and police purposes all over the world, we know as the best estimate and the dogs in the right places bets.

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