Decoy is the most spectacular part of the training. It is also the part that has the most, often unjustified, prejudices about it. There is too often claimed that this component ensures that the shepherds dog becomes a “abandon” dogs. Also if men talks about the “bite work”, also known as decoy inside the IPO, is the layman itself too fast a wrong picture. There is generally too easily thought about it, but decoy is in nowadays.

However decoy within IPO needs more stringent requirements where the dog needs to be tighter under appeal (under load). Also aggressive dogs aren’t desirable. It needs to be clear that this part has to be seen as sport just like detection and appeal. This is very different from the practice-oriented training on dog bite work. It cannot be stressed often enough that the dog has to be built in a fair way and that he will be taught to bite on a special sleeve and nowhere else. This is in Opposition to the KNPV where the dog can bite in the whole suit. During the decoy also the power handling of the dog is tested. The handler usually often stands on a great distance during the program and there is expected from the dog that he/she will have enough courage and fighting spirit on “the job” to handle this alone. Especially in the guarding faze the power handling of the dog is tested.

The dog will start with a jute bag. From here on we proceed with a bite-rol, after that a young dog sleeve will be the prey. Eventually the dog needs to be capable of biting in a "hard" sleeve in a decent way. Like noted above there will be taught that the sleeve is the prey and the dog will work for this. Often men sees the dog shaking this “prey” to death. This is the thing that happens in nature if an animal caches a prey and robs this prey of life.



During the decoy the dog needs to show a great and hard bite. He also needs to withstand the threats of the voice-and stick of the decoyer. During the fight that the dog delivers with the decoyer caned will be given. This happens with the zg. "soft stick" and the caned will be given on the armored parts of the body of the dog.
A well trained dog will be able to shift during decoy. He must be able to convert from one moment of the drift that there is during the pointer to a bite well under appeal. Also it’s perfectly possible to walk with the dog next to people directly after decoying. This is possible without showing aggressive behavior. Should be clear that one is not busy to of the German Shepherd that we all like to see aggressive dog a work to do with the chance to be on the list of abandon dogs to come. People are busy with sport and also the decoy must be seen as a sport just as detection and appeal. For practicing with the dog in decoy the same rules apply as with detection and appeal. There are many ways to Rome, but the result must fit within the IPO-program at all times and aggressive dogs are not desired.



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