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Ralph Sweebroek

K9 trainer & Decoy.

For the people who know me, and have ended up on my website. I will introduce myself.

I am Ralph Sweebroek, Born 08-12-1984, my passion is training / improving dogs and creating decoy on different dog sport associations or on contests.

I' have grown up in the dog sport, actually I was obliged to join my father N.M.P. Sweebroek. My father has been a great source of inspiration for me to join the dog sport.

At age 10 i became a member of the dog association "Den Dulvelt" that was located in Sprang-Capelle.
Currently I am training at DHAVO Oosterhout.

My first dog was Vischa v.d. Berlex Hoeve, breeded by Bert Aerts. With Vischa I obtained my first IPO certificate with 276 points. Vischa was a very exceptional dog, from her nest there are different dogs released on various WORLD CUP's both for the Belgian Shepherd as for the FCI IPO.

Obtaining the IPO certificate with this dog and the reactions of my trainers gave me the motivation to accomplish more.

After Vischa followed a number of dogs trained by me:

  • Vischa v.d. Berlex Hoeve IPO III
  • Baris Perle de Tourbiere IPO III
  • Baddy v. Kucuk Asya IPO III
  • Cash von Domburger Schloss IPO I
  • Breston IPO II
  • Charief v.d. Lobo Hoeve IPO III
  • Boban v. Kimbles Home UV,VZH,IPO III, VH III, SCH III, SPH I
  • Rico Amy Bueno Vita VZH
  • Arko VZH
  • Enno vom Heksterhorst IPO II
  • Robbie v.d. Lobo Hoeve VZH
  • Freddie von Getevallei IPO III - SPH I (WK FCI 2010)
  • Arthos v.'t Houten Klumpke IPO I
  • Cara v.t Houten Klumpke VZH
  • Germali's Lobo VZH
  • Germali's Nero VZH

With these dogs i have competed at different games like: The Gulbergen Trophy, The Bossche Bol Bokaal, Maasroutebokaal, The Wolstadcup, NVBH Championships. Niervaertbokaal, The Bovensbosbokaal and many others.

At age 16 I started with decoy at our club, this was highly necessarily cuase of a argument on the association, we had no decoy and I actually was obliged to learn this elsewise there would not be much left for the rest of the members than searching for another association with decoy.

The first time I suited up there was allot of frustration, as well with me as with others. My frustrations were: pff "it's harder if you think it's heavy". Frustrations of others were probably" he will never learn and dam my dog needs to bite him".

Such as with everything if you push long enough, you will obtain result maybe it's not always the result you want but what matters is that you go for it.

There were enough days that I wanted to get out of my suit and went home as fast as possible, but at that point you can see which ones really want to go for it and who won’t. Because they also said I knew that the day would come that I would be able to succeed.

And to accomplish this this I followed a decoy course together with a pall from the club. Following a decoy course and going to other associations to do more decoy. These people i will never forget.

  • My father (great source of inspiration to accomplish this goal)
  • The association "Friendship Up Front" for the effort of their dogs and for guiding me.
  • Ton Bos, that has taught me a lot on the course at NBG the Wolstad te Tilburg
  • The association "HV Mierlo" for their guidance and deployment of their dogs ( Special thanks for: Arie v. Reeuwijk, Marcel Bovenkamp and John Comer for the deployment of van Dewi v. Fort Oranje time after time.

After these efforts, I obtained my first qualification day for the NVBH (the Duch Association of  Belgian Shepherds). This qualification day was held at NVBH Randmeren was approved by Mr c. v. Gijn. At this day i obtained my first qualification day after 6 months of decoy my very first A-qualification, and even scored the same points as many where I have looked up to al those years.

After this everything went very fast, I was asked for one game after the other.

During the decoy day in Tilburg at "Friendship up Front", we were asked by the broad of DHAVO Oosterhout is we wanted to come and do decoy there. This club sat without a decoy for some time, and had great dogs for us to run with. And they were shy to a number of decoyers. Cause of the great distance, we needed to be in the car every week to different associations, This was an interesting alternative for us. I was very pleased at DHAVO Oosterhout, and i became a member here. (where I still am a happy member to the present day).

This same year u was allowed to come out for the NBG for the first time on the Dutch decoy day then still localized in Arnhem. This was a new peak for me. I obtained 95 points here together with R. van Belzen what caused a stir because it was felt that they had to judge us on the qualities and not on our age and experience.

So all though I obtained my A license not on this day, I got more and more matches.

At age 18 I decided to quit school and, and start a company with my father "K-9 Security Dogs". In the first instance buying and selling dogs because I found several people thru my name that wanted to involve dogs thru us, meanwhile this is no longer the only thing what we do. You can contact us for:

  • Buying and selling dogs
  • Security, with and without dogs
  • Buying Jullius K9 products
  • decoy school

This year I also left to Amerika for the first time, we were asked by a customer of us to come his way. He had seen our work in the Netherlands, me as decoy, and my father as instructor, He asked us to give a seminar there. And here I was standing, a rookie giving lessions in a strange language to people that were old enough to be my father.

Meanwhile I have been to America many times to teach, specifically in handling with a sleeve, and the collection of dogs.

What I see allot in Amerika is that the people go into a fight with a dog to literally and literally overload a dog physically without any knowledge. They make sure the dog grabs the sleeve and give him caned without looking, where men places them and hit the dog etc. etc.

Because of that most of the time I was busy telling those people, that a good decoy is a decoy that can build a dog and can teach a dog things and not the one who can hit the dog in the best way.

A year after starting the company at my 18th together with my father, I had reached my peak and this is till the day of today my peak, and that is the pre selection for the WK FCI te Breda.

This was a unique experience to be selected with the best of the Netherlands. To go to the trainings-evenings and to the selection days was a great experience for me and my club palls.

Now 6 years later, I'm already exceeded the 50 events, and I have seen my age a reasonably impressive list of twisted events.

Some examples of events, different events ran multiple times: De Gulbergen trophy, De Abrahambokaal, NVBH Kringgroepenwedstrijden, NVBH championships, Dutch Championships all Rasses, the Bossche Bol Bokaal, the lichtstadbokaal, the verenigingsbokaal, the Zuidwesthoekbokaal, the wolstapcup snd a few others.


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