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Ralph Sweebroek

K9 trainer & Decoy.

For the people who know me, and have ended up on my website. I will introduce myself.
I am Ralph Sweebroek, Born 08-12-1984, my passion is training / improving dogs and creating decoy on different dog sport associations or on contests. I' have grown up in the dog sport, actually I was obliged to join my father N.M.P. Sweebroek. My father has been a great source of inspiration for me to join the dog sport.

Decoy is the most spectacular part of the training. It is also the part that has the most, often unjustified, prejudices about it. There is too often claimed that this component ensures that the shepherds dog becomes a “abandon” dogs. Also if men talks about the “bite work”, also known as decoy inside the IPO, is the layman itself too fast a wrong picture. There is generally too easily thought about it, but decoy is in nowadays.

Decoy school
After starting our company we also started with a decoy school for foreign decoy. By the fact that we master the English language as well and we always have enough dogs with a pupil to work with this was a success. What does the decoy school offer: personal assistance in the broadest sense of the word. Of the spins, up to the feeding which is important during the decoy training.

K9 Shop

Dogs are my life, and this will always stay this way. I am not just busy with dog sport in my spare time, but 24 hours a day. Always thinking about how I can get a certain behavior/problem out of my dog(s), or out of the dogs of my dog sport friends. Also I am always busy with innovative products for our webshop, where you certainly have heard of.

Julius K9
Julius K9 is mostly known for their powerharnas those have been announced best powerharnas for the dog. Next to the powerharnas is Julius K9 also known for their professional trainings-equipment. For example: bitesleeves, bitepillow, biterolls, decoy suits but also dogleashes that can be used for big and small dogs. In short a brand that produces very high quality products.

K-9 Security Dogs
K-9 Security Dogs is known for offering services with professional trained dogs, and in buying and selling dogs. This can vary in securing a location to searching for drugs or explosives on a location. All services will be executed by highly trained dogs and handlers. Are you interested in a professional trained dog, for securing your company or home, etc. Than K-9 Security Dogs is the right choice for you.

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